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How will Amptan produce financial value?

Interruptions to your workflow cost time, resources, and additional expenditures. Amptan keeps you up to date on the health of your batteries through preventative diagnostics. This allows your forklifts to run longer and healthier, resulting in fewer breakdowns, and a significant increase in productivity. 

Why is testing my batteries important?

Batteries have limited lifespans. A battery pack that contains 12 individual batteries working as one fleet needs all 12 batteries to operate individually between a certain voltage range for optimal performance. Once one of those individual batteries starts operating below that range, the entire battery pack will begin to fail or will fail to operate. Conducting routine testing of batteries allows users to instantly identify and replace batteries in poor health. 

How does Flyzre help to reduce the environmental impact?

Using intelligent analytics systems from Flyzre, Amptan allows for the replacement of individual batteries as needed inside of the battery fleet rather than replacing the entire fleet. This results in up to a 91% reduction in environmental contamination as a byproduct of forklift battery waste!

Where is Amptan made?

Amptan is proudly made in the USA.

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Report Export Function

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Accurate Battery Cell Reports

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